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[REDACTED] Gaming General Community Rules and Guidelines

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General Community Rules and Guidelines


All members of the [REDACTED] Gaming community must be 18+ years to join any of our platforms.


  1. Community Respect & Communication Etiquette
    1. [REDACTED] Gaming prides itself on the fair and equal treatment of ALL members regardless of guest, whitelist or staff status. Offensive and discriminatory language and calls to violence, whether directed at particular people or general groups, are STRICTLY PROHIBITED and will result in an IMMEDIATE BAN without warning or recourse, regardless if the language is used in a “joking” manner or not.
    2. Prohibited language includes, but is not limited to: racial and LGBTQIA+ slurs and other negative language, threatening violence in any capacity, and encouraging suicide.
    3. Do not harass any member of the community, including staff/admins.  Do not direct/private message or use any other form of social media to harass. THIS INCLUDES:
      1. Continuing to send direct/private messages to someone after you have been told to stop. 
      2. Posting negative remarks, rumors, and/or gossip on any social media (this includes Twitter, Twitch, Facebook, and other discord servers, etc).
      3. Advertising another server without strict permission from staff is considered poaching and is not permitted.
  2. In-Game Behavior
    1. When joining a [REDACTED] server, make sure to read the rules for that particular server.  
    2. You are not allowed to use any scripts or hacks. This will result in an immediate and permanent ban. Client-side mods such as visual enhancements are fine.
    3. You are not allowed to use any exploits in order to gain an advantage. This will result in a ban at staff discretion, up to a permanent ban. If you discover an exploit, please report it immediately to a Staff member.
  3. Ban Appeals
    1. If you have been banned and would like to appeal, you are required to post a ban appeal on the forums here: https://redactedgaming.gg/index.php?/forum/152-appeals/
    2. A ban on any of our community platforms is a ban on all of them. Evading a ban will result in an extension of your ban, up to and including a permanent ban.
    3. Ban evasion includes, but is not limited to, making a new forum account, a new Discord account, or changing your IP to access any of the [REDACTED] platforms. 
  4. Reporting
    1. All player reports and bug reports must be submitted in the proper place. DO NOT send direct/private messages to any of the [REDACTED] staff or dev team regarding any bugs or rule breaks that occur on and off the server.
    2. Player reports must be submitted on the forums at https://redactedgaming.gg/index.php?/forum/15-player-reports/ and you MUST use the provided template when filling out the report. Please provide as much evidence as possible. If video evidence is submitted then please try to provide enough footage before and after the event to let the staff see the entire context of the situation.
    3. Bug reports must be submitted on the forums at https://redactedgaming.gg/index.php?/forum/236-bug-reports/ and you MUST use the provided template when filling out the report. Please try to provide screenshots of the bug including the F8 log and your latest FiveM logs. The logs can be found in the FiveM Application folder/logs/
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