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The staff team felt we should give an update on the current status of the overall community. As you may have observed, we are no longer Redacted Roleplay and have since rebranded to [REDACTED] Gaming. The reason behind the re-brand is because we are fully expanding our community to be more than a roleplay community. This re-branding has been in the works behind the scenes and with the new management and staff, has been a greatly smooth overall process with the only hiccups being the technical areas of getting our platforms properly sorted out and the development of the actual game servers.

The staff team has been working on reconstructing all previous documentation to reflect this transition accurately and to provide consistency across all of our platforms and servers. The mission statement has largely changed in accordance to the new direction we are taking the community, which you can view here: https://redactedgaming.gg/index.php?/topic/789-redacted-gaming-mission-statement/

Because we are moving to a more general gaming focused community we are separating the current Roleplay Server Rules to be applicable for the Roleplay servers and are creating several rule sets for each game server along with the appropriate staff members with previous experience with those games to provide the best support for our players. A new set of General Community Rules and Guidelines are now enforced across the official forums, Discord, and associated game servers along with the specific game guidelines. In order to participate in this community- acknowledgement and abiding by these rules is necessary. Failure to adhere to these rules will result in disciplinary action. Please read the new General Community Rules and Guidelines here: https://redactedgaming.gg/index.php?/topic/790-redacted-gaming-general-community-rules-and-guidelines/

Before we go into deeper detail about us expanding our community- we will address the reason a majority of you had joined the server: the FiveM GTARP server. The [REDACTED] RP server is undergoing a MAJOR overhaul of all resources and assets due to us migrating to a new management system and introducing a new framework to our server. We understand this has been frustrating to sit through and wait on since the intention was to roll out the update by the new year. Our development team has undergone a dramatic change in staffing as well affecting the roll out of this update. We wholeheartedly apologize for letting our player base down and are grateful for the community’s patience and aim to rectify this with our new management and staff team and new organizational processes we are proud to say have been working awesome behind the scenes!

The current development team has been working tirelessly to deliver a fully functioning server that in turn will not disrupt the roleplay and provide even more features that will be implemented in the short and long term. We have a very realistic projection that by the end of this month- January 2020- that the server will be back up and running and accessible to all those with the current Whitelisted role. 

MOVING FORWARD- in conjunction with the new server being rolled out, the Roleplay Whitelist application has been reworked and will be separate from the General Community Whitelisted application. But those with the current Whitelist role will NOT have to re-apply for the RP server. The General Community Whitelist application is for access to ALL available game servers with the EXCEPTION of the RP servers where General WL’d are required to fill out the additional RP Whitelist application, this has been a decision to encourage more dedicated and serious roleplayers to join the RP servers. If you have any further questions or inquiries about the FiveM server, please feel free to discuss them in the #fivem-roleplay channel under the Games/Servers category.

As mentioned above we are expanding the community to now host more games than just the FiveM server. Before entering any of our game servers please read the rule set and guidelines put in place for each server in conjunction with acknowledgement of the General Community Rules. Current servers that are and will be made available to all Whitelisted members are:

  • Minecraft
  • Factorio is currently playable
  • Rust is under construction
  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive is under construction
  • 7 Days to Die is under construction

If you have any suggestions for each game we highly encourage our members to input and discuss in our forums and appropriate Discord channels! https://redactedgaming.gg/index.php?/forum/151-game-server-suggestions/


It has been a tumultuous time for this community and its management, full of ups and downs. Now, we are absolutely confident in the capabilities of our staff and development teams and with the loyalty and support of our members, [REDACTED] Gaming is here to stay and continue to achieve greater success in the future. We thank everyone part of the team and our community for all the hard work and patience. If you have any other questions about the transition or any of the gaming servers please feel free to reach out to our staff team in the correct channels! More information will be provided in the coming weeks in regards to each game server so stay tuned!

-[REDACTED] Gaming Staff Team

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