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General Whitelist Application

The General WL application’s purpose is to provide access to game servers managed by [REDACTED] Gaming and its social platforms.

The General WL application DOES NOT grant access to [REDACTED] Roleplay servers- the additional Roleplay Whitelist Application must be filled and submitted.

Please read our Community Rules and Guidelines before applying!

Before clicking the apply link below you MUST login with Discord at the top right of the page!





  • Whitelisted role assigned in Discord and official website
  • Access to Whitelisted game forums and community Discord text and voice channels
  • Access to all future and current game servers such as:
    • Ark: Survival Evolved
    • Conan Exiles
    • Minecraft
    • Factorio
    • Rust
    • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
    • 7 Days to Die
    • Avorion
  • Ability to view, fill out and submit the Roleplay Whitelist Application for additional access to the roleplay servers:
    • FiveM: Grand Theft Auto V RP
    • RedM: Red Dead Redemption 2 RP


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FiveM - Developer Application 



  • Must be 18+ years old to apply
  • Fluent and comfortable with C# - is a MUST.
  • Familiarity and experience with FiveM and its natives

Server Details

  • .NETCore 
  • MongoDB 
  • MySQL
  • JSON 
  • VueJS 
  • ElectronJS 
  • GTA V Natives 
  • NUI (CEF, Client-Side events)


  • Auto- Whitelisted upon approval for ALL game servers including the roleplay servers.
    • You will NOT need to fill out a General WL app or Roleplay WL app
    • You will be granted access to all Discord channels and game servers upon approval
  • Working with a global, laidback development team that just wants to see our servers evolve and flourish!
  • Your work is protected by an NDA signed by ALL team members in: Management, Administration and Development


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Verified Content Creator Application



  • Must be already a part of our General Whitelist community
  • Must have AT LEAST an account on a streaming OR content publishing platform.
    • Ex. A Twitch channel OR a Soundcloud account, you do NOT need to have both.


  • Verified Content Creator Role in our forums and Discord server
  • Access to the exclusive Content Creator channels
  • Content produced while in [REDACTED] Gaming servers will be promoted using the following hashtags across Twitter: #RedactedGG #RDgg
  • Content will be promoted across our community Discord channels and social media accounts such as Twitter and Reddit
    • Twitch streamers will have their streams published under our #live-streamers channel when they go live
    • Video content creators may have their work featured in our Youtube channel
    • Music producers can access our Studio voice channels to demo their work with fellow music producers
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Minecraft Builder Application


So you want to be a Builder for our Minecraft servers?

Well I'm going to explain to you EXACTLY what that means. So sit back, get comfortable, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the ride!

As a builder you will be given the [Builder] role on our servers. This gives you access to Creative Mode outside of the Creative World. Your main focus will be building up our RPG server into a world full of adventure and mystery while conforming to the same look and feel throughout the map.

There will also be times when we will need you to build things on our other servers such as:

  • Spawn updates/seasonal decorations
  • New spawns in future servers
  • Arenas
  • Event Areas
  • And more!
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