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Suggestions and Mod Requests

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Drop your mod requests and suggestions below for our Avorion server! Please provide a link if possible to the mod and a reason why you would like it in our server!

Any additional info is appreciated as well!

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I'd like to recommend another mod. it's called Galaxy Map QoL by Rinart73 (i specify this because there are a few versions of the mod on the workshop).



it can be used as a client side only mod or can be installed server side as well for some added features.


Client-Side Only:

1) Displays distance to the center when you hover the mouse over a sector.

2) Adds a toggleable display on the map that shows resource and boss ranges

3) Allows you to mark sectors on the map with Icons (rather than just adding notes)

Server Side Install: everything client side+

1)Adds the ability to put add alliance icons that will sync between alliance members.

2)Displays Hazard zone marks.


apparently the resource range display can cause some FPS hits but can't say I've experienced anything personally

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Mod: No Independent Targeting Penalty

Type of mod: Quality of Life


i personally feel that losing 50% of a turrets damage output is quite a lot and vastly reduce a lot of automated turrets usefulness i mean imagine you have this huge battle cruiser or dreadnought and it's got 20+ turrets on it well there's no way they're all gonna be useful with you manually controlling them all because they're not all gonna be able to target the direction your looking.. but independent turrets could fire any which way they see enemies coming from in their vision.. problem is compared to turrets without the independent targeting trait the damage is vastly reduced even though in theory all Independent targeting means is the gunner who is controlling the turret is left to target things at his own volition albeit following the orders you set on it so why should those turrets do any less when they're not even that accurate if you're moving in fact the aim is terrible if your constantly moving.. I.T turrets are designed for bigger combat ships or for mining/salvaging ships that sit still 

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